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31 Jan

The Education Reform and White Paper Causes a Storm in Schools

Over the last few months schools, teachers, parents, teaching unions and ministers have been bouncing between total confusion and horror to gratitude and relief because of the educational reforms proposed by the coalition.

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12 Nov

Computers are Making Textbooks Obsolete

According to the Telegraph today, the rise in the use of technology is shifting the balance from textbook learning towards more computer use in schools. A survey of school teachers found that they were more likely to invest in the latest technology in the future, than traditional textbooks. But it was also important for children to understand that not all of the information on the internet is accurate, and textbooks should be used, alongside technology, to verify facts.

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09 Jun

Department for Education spending cuts

So the headline figure for the Department of Education spending cuts is £359 million. But what exactly is going to be affected? Well the good news is that frontline teaching posts and funding for resources seems to be ringfenced. Bad news is, anyone involved in Diploma delivery will be questioning the strength of the new qualifications given that the new academic diplomas are to be cancelled, and the Department refers to “scaling back support for delivery of Diplomas” as saving them £13.2m.

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14 Oct

Homework for primary students

As a parent of two primary school age children (years 2 and 5), I have to plead guilty to being a rubbish parent when it comes to organising homework. My 6 year old gets two books a week to read at home with a parent, plus spellings to learn. My eldest is supposed to read in her own time and keep notes of what she has read, do a set of maths homework, spellings, and project work in her log book.

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05 Oct

Should members of the British National Party be allowed to work in schools?

Ed Balls is ordering a “study” into whether teachers who are members of the British National Party should be allowed to work in schools. “I have always believed that membership of any organisation that espouses racist views is fundamentally incompatible with the values and ethos of the teaching profession,” the Schools Secretary has said. It’s a tricky one this.


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24 Jan

The Institute of Education (IOE) announces new dates for Holocaust education CPD

‘You can’t interpret the world without understanding the Holocaust.’
History Teacher, London

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20 Nov

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) Teaching Resources

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) is a charity whose ethics centre around offering young people straightforward, unambiguous information about cancer in a positive and supportive manner.

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20 Nov

Technology Changes The Way International Teachers Are Recruited

Ten years ago if you wanted to land a job with an international school you had only one of two choices – get yourself to an interview in London or Boston often at great expense with no guarantees of success – or interview over the phone.

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05 Dec

STEM: Build Our Future

STEM: Build our future contains free teaching and learning materials for students aged 14-16 from Army in Education.

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10 Jan

The Countryside Investigators Website

The ‘Countryside Investigators’ website is a useful teaching resource that provides thorough information on the protection, enjoyment and employment of the rural environment.

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15 Jan

Win A Year's Free Membership To Teaching Resources UK

Teaching Resources UK are giving away free membership every day of 2013! All you need to do to win is sign-up for a FREE 14 day trial to gain access to lesson plans, worksheets and school activities.

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Articles 1 to 17 of 17

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