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Asthma UK

Asthma UK

Asthma UK provide free education resources which help teachers educate children about asthma. They provide a range of information and support for people with asthma, their families, and professionals.

Association for Citizenship Teaching

Association for Citizenship Teaching

ACT - the professional association for those involved in citizenship education


Selection of Free Drawing Lessons covering a range of topics from ABC. explains how to write letters for different people and purposes in French which helps with MFL KS4.

A&C Black Highlights

A&C Black helps support teachers when teaching musical instruments and musical tunes. offers a Music Creation and Mizing software for KS3 and KS4 Music classes.



Download free lesson ideas, people’s stories and images to promote global learning

Active Kids Get Cooking

A cooking site that targets KS2 Design & Technology that encourages healthy eating and cooking within schools.


Adobe provides lesson plans that incorporate the use of ICT within a range of core subjects.


A music site that provides detailed explanations of African music and their culture.

Algebra Help

An algebra based site that contains lessons, worksheets and more to help teachers and their students.

Free teaching tool from Alice to display stories, games and videos.

Alien Language

A fun language-learning site that is aimed at children aged 11–14 who study MFL.


The Amnesty site can be used in Secondary School Citizenship classes as it provides information on human rights.

Animal Aid

Animal Aid a site that can be used in Citizenship and PHSE classes as it provides videos and DVD on animals and their treatment.

Anti Slavery

A history site that provides a pack on enslavement and references to other useful texts.

Antony Gormley

An Art & Design site on Antony Gormley that contains multiple resources on the subject.

Anvil Studio

This music site provides a free program called ‘Anvil Studio’ that allows a person to record, compose, sequence and play music.

Art Attack

Art Attack is a fun site that allows teachers to provide fun, artistic tasks and opportunities for their students.

Artisan Cam

Artisan Cam can be used in an Art & Design lesson as is contains workshop clips on how to create a number of different objects.


A secondary school Art site containing a painting package that can be used on different formats.


The Artsmark site that provides the opportunity for schools to be recognised through their Art & Design and other creative subjects.

Arty Factory

An Art site that educates the teacher and their students how to develop images through using pencil and pen.

Association for Science Education

The ASE provides opportunities for professional development and a chance to provide your own Science resources.

At Bristol

At Bristol is a site that teaches you about different parts of the brain and body and what they can be used for.


This music site provides a free audio editor developed by a team of software developers, translators, etc...


Avert provides quizzes, facts and an guidance on HIV and AIDS that can be used in PSHE classes.

Aviva Athletics Academy

Aviva Athletics Academy

The Aviva Athletics Academy offers a range of programmes, resources and information for teachers, parents, coaches and young athletes wanting to find out more about delivering and taking part in athletics!


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