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Cazoom Maths!

Cazoom Maths!

Cazoom: Specialist resources for one to one learning!


Caret is a colourful site with various games about Science for students.

Centre Alternative Technology

Centre Alternative Technology has many brilliant resources that talk about the impact on our world.

Channel 4

A French and German game for MFL Primary School students.

Child Drama

Child Drama presents many links to lesson plans, books and so forth about Drama.

Childrens BBC

Children learning about the different aspects of Islam such as their Holy text, festivals, etc...

Class Fundraising

For class fundraising, this site offers a selection of art packs that children can use and sell to raise money for a cause.

Classical Archives

A collection of classical music that can be used in Music lessons and also has lots of information.

Climate Choices Children’s Voices

Climate Choices Children’s Voices

Interactive resources looking at climate change and how it affects food supply

Computer Arts

Computer Arts is a site for Design & Technology sites as it provides tutorials on ICT and creation for teachers and their pupils to use.

Countryside Access

Coventry City Council will help Primary School Maths Students to learn the value of digits in numbers.

Countryside Investigators

Countryside Investigators

Engaging new online resource about the countryside - free, curriculum-linked and ready-to-use

Coventry City Council

Place Value Charts To Help Children Understand The Value Of Digits In Numbers


This free site is perfect for Early Learners as it has plenty of games that they can use to learn about numbers, art, etc...

Crimestoppers Trust

Crimestoppers Trust

Be Fearless about crime @ – the new youth brand from the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers

Crocodile Clips

Crocodile Clips offers resources, games and software to use in Maths and Science.

Curriculum Bits for Art & Design

A site for Secondary School Art & Design classes that presents a selection of videos specific to the subject.

Curriculum Bits for Geography

A Geography site containing plenty of interactive resources.

Curriculum Bits for Maths

This Maths site helps Secondary School students by providing them with videos, games and interactive resources.

Curriculum Bits for MFL

For Secondary School MFL students, this site has lots of resources concerning the French and German languages.

Curriculum Bits for Science

Curriculum Bits covers the main aspects of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Secondary Learning with resources.

Curriculum Online

Curriculum Online is for Primary and Secondary School Music teachers for it has support materials, teaching resources and many more helpful stuff.

Curriculum Online II

Geography teachers will find this website useful as it has plenty of images that they can use in lessons and also to create class displays.

Cursive Handwriting

This is the perfect site for KS1 teachers to help children how to develop cursive handwriting.

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Over 20 hours of teaching material available to download instantly. A complete suite of KS3 & 4 resources that will help fulfill the new school obligations for careers education.

Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets

KS3 & 4 Citizenship lesson plans and worksheets covering, covering everything from diversity and democracy, through to local action and the European Parliament.



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