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Death to Decimals

Death to Decimals provides a game for children and helps them learn about converting fractions into decimal values.


DIDA contains 12 guides about using ICT and information sources.


Great for history classes as you can create a timeline for any topic. is for PSHE classes as it teaches children all about the road and how to stay safe around it.

Discovery Channel

An online Geography interactive resource on exploring Volcanoes.

Dorling Kindersley

A site that provides many clip-art images for subjects all across the curriculum.

Dottie and Buzz

The Dottie and Buzz site allows RE to be taught through interesting characters that act as a positive role model for young children.


DTOnline provides information on all Design & Technology subjects.


Dyson have created a Telescope Game that can be played on the web or IPhone which is brilliant for Design & Technology and Science students.


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