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National Archives

Resources For Britain Since The 1930s To Support Teaching And Learning In Key Stage 2 History

National Archives

The National Archives site has resources about different parts of the Home Front (1939 – 1945) era.

National Geographic

A site that provides different Geography Lesson Plans for students at KS3 level.

National Grid for Learning

The Van Gogh teaching resource contains an interactive activity and also a lesson pack.

National Grid for Learning II

A fun Spanish site that can be used online or be downloaded and comes with teachers notes.

National Maritime Museum II

An in-depth KS3 History teaching resource about the Slave Trade.

National Trust

The National Trust site has a selection of art and heritage resources that can be very helpful when in classes and planning trips.

Natural England

Natural England offers lesson plans, places to visit and also resources that can help with the subject of Science.

Natural History Museum

The NHM offers resources, online videos and activities for both Science and Geography in Primary and Secondary School learning.


Resources, lesson plans, teaching tips and many more for all Primary and Secondary School Maths learning.

Northumberland Grid for Learning

An music website that engages the student and teaches them about music and instruments.

N Power

N Power is a really helpful site to use when teaching students about Electricity in Science classes.


Nrich offers KS1 and KS2 Maths students problems, articles and games to read and solve.

Nuffield Foundation

For KS1 and KS2 Design & Technology students, this site offers multiple resources for them to use in classes.


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