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The Apprenticeship Guide

The Apprenticeship Guide

Everything your students need to know about Apprenticeships... what to choose, how to apply, where to study, and much, much more. In print, online and on your mobile.


An ICT site that has a tool to create word clouds that can be used in a variety of subjects from Tagxedo.


A Science site for Primary School teachers helping them to use areas outside the classroom as a useful place.

Teacher's Choice

A Maths site that covers KS4 topics which is useful for teaching and revision.

Site for both Primary and Secondary School revision as it provides quizzes for multiple subjects.

Teacher's Pet UK

Activities and Games for KS1 & 2 Maths and English from Teacher's Pet UK.

Teach ICT Secondary Resources

An ICT site provides a selection of general and topic-specific posters for Secondary School Classroom displays about ICT.

Teaching English

Teaching English has up-to-date, helpful English resources.

Teaching Ideas

The Teaching Ideas site is full of Art & Design Primary School level lesson plans and more.

Teaching Ideas II

Teaching Ideas II provides warm-up and cool-down ideas for KS2 and KS2 Drama classes.

Teaching Zone

Teaching Zone offers lots of free teaching materials that can be used for PSHE classes.

Teach PE

Can be used for Secondary School PE and Science classes as it has resources and quizzes to help teach and revise.


Tearfund has lots of resources that can be used in KS4 classes about Poverty and Justice.

Test Base

Test Base covers KS3 & KS3 core subjects and contains questions and booklets to help assist.

The Better World Campaign

BT provides a good source to help Primary School English students develop their skills of communication.

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society

My Life 4 Schools is a FREE KS2 online resource for PSHE/Citizenship and SEAL from The Children’s Society. It covers nine curriculum-linked topics with engaging stories, downloadable activities and detailed lesson plans.

The Cookbook Initiative

The Cookbook Initiative

Create your Own School’s Healthy Cookbook & Promote Healthy Eating Whilst Fundraising

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre site provides opportunities for visits, taking part in courses and valuable resources.

The Holocaust Explained

Teaching resources to explain the Holocaust to KS3 Students in History and Citizenship.

The Other 3 Rs

The Other 3 Rs offers a course for KS2 & KS3 Citizenship students that help them learn about responsibility, relationships and respect.

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator is a tool for Secondary School pupils to understand artificial intelligence.

Think Quest

Think Quest is for Primary and Secondary schools as it has a huge library and lots of projects.

Time for Citizenship

A Primary School Citizenship site that offers plenty of resources for classes. contains lots of videos for the use of Secondary School History teachers and their students.


Topmarks is a fantastic site that can really help when teaching KS2 pupils about the Chinese New Year.

Trading Standards

Lots of resources for both Primary and Secondary School Citizenship and PSHE classes. can be used in Secondary School Business Studies classes as it explains accounting and economics.

TVO Kids

TVO Kids is a interactive site for Primary School Music students, that teaches them how to create a music track.


Twinkl is a colourful site that helps with phase 1 – 5 of ‘Letters and Sounds’.


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