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For KS4 RE classes, this site covers various topics that can be revised and there are also mock papers so that children can be tested.

Learning and Teaching Resources

At Key Stage 4, pupils studying Religious Studies are aiming for a GCSE in the subject. This website provides revision materials for KS4 Religious Studies, drawing on topics and themes usually found in the GCSE specifications for different examination boards. Resources on multiple religions in connection with these topics are covered. 


Religious Studies topics include God, Death, Human Relationships, Prejudice and Discrimination and War and Peace. Each theme contains information on the essential knowledge required. This incorporates consideration of Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Sikh perspectives on themes and issues. It is useful in ensuring that pupils consider different viewpoints and how there are commonalities or differences in views taken.  

Pupils are able to revise online to ensure they have the desired subject-knowledge and the website then offers the opportunity to undertake an online test to ensure they have secured key points.; they will hightlight their strenghts and their weaknesses, thus indicating areas that need improving.  

Discussion Board

A fantastic aspect of this resource is that a discussion board can be accessed by pupils studying GCSE Religious Studies where they can engage in debate, seek clarification and express their own perspectives while taking into account the views of others. This adds an interactive element and can encourage pupils to continue to actively and critically engage with themes, issues and content covered during the GCSE course.  

Mock Exam

Pupils will also find that the website gives them an opportunity to download and complete a mock exam with an associated mark scheme to help them identify strengths and areas for development to inform revision priorities. The mock also helps them with their skills in time as they will find out how they do in a select time period.

This is a user-friendly website that can support pupils in making revision manageable.


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