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Lesson Ideas and Tasks for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Literacy is always high on school and government agendas so it helps to keep English lessons fresh with new ideas, games and tests. For spelling, reading activities and games at KS1 we have listed some of the best educational websites that produce great lesson plans and work sheets There are lots of freebies out there if you are looking for printable KS2 reading and phonics activities with exciting themes including Shakespeare and Odysseus. Teachers can access lots of Shakespeare related resources at our KS3 English page and the lesson plans at KS4 will give you poetic ideas to inspire your students.

Finding English Lesson and Literacy Ideas

English teachers can find lots of free teaching materials and work sheets online. The hard part is sifting through them all to find exactly what you need for your literacy class. Reading comprehension exercises can be useful and there are lots of quizzes that support spelling, grammar, writing and reading. Online English games can be fun for primary children (if you have access to the equipment to let them play them) and can help with constructing sentences and polishing spelling skills, not to mention brushing up on pupils phonics skills. For secondary students the curriculum based books for recommended reading are wonderful and varied with a hit list of authors from Philip Pullman, CS Lewis and JK Rowling, to Dickens, Tolstoy and Hardy. The internet offers endless biographies, view points and lesson tips – and great lesson plans to help you make the most of them. 

The National Association for the Teaching of English

The National Association for the Teaching of English is a good place to go for ideas and advice. They have a bookshop with books helpfully categorized into sections like classic reading, drama, grammar, literacy, poetry and Shakespeare. If you post on the forums, colleagues are also offering to share SOW, lesson plans, printable worksheets and other helpful literacy planning tools. Poetry is freely available for key stage 3 and key stage 4 English students. There are some great sites that have been compiled by specialists and there are accompanying high quality lesson plans that offer lively and engaging ways of dealing with prose at all key stages. There are even audio files so you can listen poems being read aloud in class. There are exercises where students can explore their own creative abilities as well as develop keen analytical and appreciation skills.

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