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Free English KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Resources for KS1 English

Speaking, listening, reading and writing in English at key stage one are all vital skills which will provide a solid foundation for learners as they progress through their school life. There are many excellent free resources out there which can help you enrich your lessons and add interesting angles to your topics at this stage. The resources on this page are produced by organisations which are experts in their field, and are devised with the national curriculum requirements for English at KS1 in mind. Try something different and get inspired teaching ideas with the free resources available above, including worksheets, online interactive games, printable downloads and more.

Key Stage One English - Engaging Learners

Most young children are happy to make their voices heard and speak up in class but getting them to learn to listen makes them into effective communicators. To do this, you will need a diverse array of resources to hand which will cater for different learning styles. Some children will cope with literacy or phonics worksheets; others will need to get up and about to understand the topic. Other individuals will love interactive online games and activities. Whatever their learning style and abilities, keeping your pupils on task is made easier with a wide range of materials from different sources and here these materials are all free to download, print and use or play online. With a little advance planning and time spent finding the right resources; you can save time having to re-invent the wheel every time you start a new topic. Many of the resources listed include work on vital literacy elements such as grammar, punctuation, phonics or spelling, and will contribute to the end of key stage attainment targets up to all 8 levels in speaking and listening, reading and writing.

The Curriculum - What is Taught

During KS1, children are taught to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. They begin to read and write with independence. In Speaking and Listening children organise what they want to say, include necessary detail and speak clearly. They develop their concentration when listening to others, comment on what they hear and ask questions to make sure they have understood. Group discussion and interaction forms part of the curriculum; children learn to take turns when speaking, respond to the contributions of others and develop their ideas through talking. Reading involves children developing their word recognition through phonic knowledge. They learn sounds for letters, segment and blend these in order to decode words. Children come to understand that the same sound can have different spellings. There is currently an emphasis on schools providing high-quality phonics when teaching early reading. At Key Stage 1, children also develop their understanding of texts read through discussion. This includes a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. In Writing, Key Stage 1 children apply their phonic knowledge when spelling words. They develop their sentence structure and the use of simple punctuation, such as full stops, capital letters, exclamation and question marks. 


20 Key Free Teaching Resources

British Red Cross

British Red Cross

‘Life. Live it. First aid education for children’ - helping you teach first aid

Find out more about British Red Cross Primary



Check out Sightsavers resources for KS1 and 2. They offer a curriculum linked i:care teachers pack and kids activity sheet; both can be ordered or downloaded for free on their website.

Visit their website



Sparklebox produces 1000s of printable resources for early years and KS1 & 2 educators.New resources are added to the site daily!

Find out more about Sparklebox

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs



Twinkl is a colourful site that helps with phase 1 – 5 of ‘Letters and Sounds’.

Find out more about Twinkl


Instant Display

Instant Display provides colourful, engaging posters for classrooms that cover various subjects.

Find out more about Instant Display


Primary Tools

Assessment and Curricular Documents all on single sheets from Primary tools for Primary Schools.

Find out more about Primary Tools



Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Find out more about Wordle


Literacy Shed

Visual resources that can be used in Literacy lessons for KS1 and KS2.

Find out more about Literacy Shed


Primary Resources

For Primary School learning, this site offers a lot of resources to help with English classes.

Find out more about Primary Resources


silkysteps - Teaching Resources

Silkysteps provides a selection of activity ideas for young children.

Find out more about Silkysteps


Cursive Handwriting

This is the perfect site for KS1 teachers to help children how to develop cursive handwriting.

Find out more about Cursive Handwriting


SEN Teacher

Tools and printable resources to help with Primary School children with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities.

Find out more about SEN Teacher


Teacher's Pet UK

Activities and Games for KS1 & 2 Maths and English from Teacher's Pet UK.

Find out more about Teacher's Pet UK


The Better World Campaign

BT provides a good source to help Primary School English students develop their skills of communication.

Find out more about The Better World Campaign


Handwriting Help for Kids

Workbooks, worksheets and help for KS1 children developing their handwriting skills.

Find out more about Handwriting Help for Kids


Teaching English

Teaching English has up-to-date, helpful English resources.

Find out more about Teaching English



LCP has a book and CDs that help KS1 English pupils with phonics planning.

Find out more about LCP



A great Phonics site that covers phase 1 to phase 6 and provides lesson planning advise.

Find out more about PhonicsPlay


Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds is a colourful website that teachers can use with KS1 pupils when looking at phonics.

Find out more about Letters and Sounds


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