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Free English KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Resources for KS4 English

Time and money are always tight, so the idea behind these resources and this website is to save you a bit of both. Bookmark this page now so that when it comes to lesson planning, you can take a minute to browse the resources and see what might be of use to your students. Whether it is a downloadable worksheet, a spot of online revision or some English literature or language-related games or video clips, you can be sure that something will come in handy. It is reassuring to know that the resources come from leading charities, organisations and businesses that are the experts in their field, so it takes the pressure off you. The resources are also carefully and usually explicitly linked to the English national curriculum, so you can be sure they will be relevant.

GCSE English Revision

Exams will be uppermost in students minds during KS4, so to prevent them worrying about their AQA or OCR GCSE English examinations, give them some tips from these pages. There are lots of online links to exam papers and coursework examples from each examination board, so depending on the specification they are using, they should always be able to find something of use.

Developing your Scheme of Work

Your English scheme of work can be enriched by adding materials from diverse sources such as the charities and organisations on this page. Whether it is examples of good writing, or comprehension exercises, you will be sure to find something here that can help. Poems, online games and video clips will also ensure that when you are tackling the same text for the twentieth time, you will be able to add something new to the mix to help keep your teaching ideas fresh and your students engaged.

Pupils at Key Stage 4 will be studying for a GCSE in the subject. Secondary schools will devise schemes of work based on the specification for their chosen examination board. However, the National Curriculum sets down the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils must be taught in Key Stage 4 as well as the range and content pupils engage with.

Reading and Writing in KS4

Pupils in Key Stage 4 prepare presentations and debates, which may be formal in nature. They take on a range of roles in the formal and formal speaking and listening contexts. Reading texts for pupils in Key Stage 4 may be well-known and those that are frequently referred to and quoted. It is envisaged that reading will give pupils a depth and breadth. A suggested thematic approach, incorporating different periods and genres, can be useful. Texts from English literary heritage are recommended, such as works by Mary Shelley, Thomas Hardy, H. G. Wells to name a few. The study of at least one play by Shakespeare is required.

At Key Stage 4, non-fiction and non-literary texts are read and analysed. This may include journalism, essays and multimedia texts that include film and television productions.

When writing, pupils at Key Stage 4 develop ideas and views consistently. They are expected to build themes, imagery and settings in their work when writing to entertain or imagine. It is expected that they will produce different kinds of narrative, play scripts, diaries, information leaflets, review and essays to name a few.


6 Key Free Teaching Resources


Good communication is key to success as a student, employee or parent. Our learning and skills programme helps young people become better, more effective communicators.

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Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

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Learners Cloud

Learners Cloud

Watch hundreds of in-depth HD GCSE revision videos led by real GCSE tutors, each with Test & Learn questions. They’re fun, easy to follow and designed to complement classroom learning.

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IFAW offers animal welfare and conservation-themed teaching resources and films aligned with UK curricula. This year’s theme, Elephants Never Forget, explores the world of elephants and the challenges they face.

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Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

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PETA Foundation

Peta Foundation has brilliant resources as it contains videos, posters, images and so much more.

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Royal Shakespeare Company

Bringing Shakespeare into children’s lives is that much easier with this site as it provides packs, videos, images, information and activities.

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