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Letters and Sounds is a colourful website that teachers can use with KS1 pupils when looking at phonics.

Learning and Teaching Resources

If you are following ‘Letters and Sounds’ as a synthetic phonics programme in your setting, this website offers free resources to support your teaching. You may even find some of the resources useful in providing parents and carers with activities they can do at home to support their child’s learning about phonics. The site also reccomends toolkits to aid the learning of phonics.
Teachers will find a simple overview of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and the suggested timescale for each phase as well as an accessible summary of the phonic knowledge and skills children are expected to acquire.

Phrases, Flashcards and More

Each phase is given an introduction in terms of the grapheme-phoneme correspondences that will be taught as well as suggestions of decodable words that can be used to develop blending skills once certain phonograms have been taught. This is good support for planning and ‘tricky words’ for the phase are noted.

Letter fans, grapheme flashcards and words for different phases can be downloaded with a selection of decorations to make them appealing to children. Captions are also provided so that teachers can save time in determining the content of sentences they may use for reading and dictation during lessons when children are expected to apply their learning.
These resources are not only useful in lessons, but provide materials that can be used to create a phonics display for children to refer to as they acquire more and more phonics knowledge. Lessons can also be complemented by the use of ICT as the website offers games that can be used to practice learning in a stimulating way. Online games are available for Phase 2 through to Phase 4.
For children who have achieved Phase 5, this website provides flashcards related to suffixes and spelling rules, such as consonant doubling when adding a suffix.


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