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Cursive Handwriting


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This is the perfect site for KS1 teachers to help children how to develop cursive handwriting.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Children are typically taught to form letters correctly in a way that will support them in using joined handwriting later on. Developing letter formation to support joining handwriting is very important as children move into and through Key Stage 1. This website offers a selection of worksheets for developing correct letter formation.


Teachers will find dotted alphabet sheets that can be printed and used to develop precursive and cursive styles with KS1 children. These are very useful as different variations of the worksheets contain different formations for letters that vary in formation once cursive is introduced (such as ‘f’ and ‘z’). Handwriting sheets where there is a baseline given are available as well as those that have guidelines for this age group. For young children whose fine motor skills need to develop, there are A4 worksheets with one letter of the alphabet to a single page. Both upper and lower case letters are provided.

For older, or more able, children there are handwriting exercise sheets to support the development of speed and fluency. 

Samples of Cursive Fonts

One of the challenges is finding a font that can be used on a PC to create joined text in line with the joined style used in a particular school to include in displays, for example. This website provides samples of cursive fonts that could help overcome the problem. The possibilities for creating bespoke handwriting exercises for a class becomes endless if you find an ICT-based font that matches!

Commercial Schemes 

There are a variety of commercial schemes available for teaching handwriting, but this website provides teaching resources for handwriting that can be used to promote correct letter formation and the foundations for cursive handwriting in Key Stage 1 so schools can develop an agreed style if they so wish. 


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