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A&C Black helps support teachers when teaching musical instruments and musical tunes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Children may have the opportunity to explore tuned and untuned instruments in the primary phase of education. Having the opportunity to develop skills in playing a specific instrument can be offered to children. A&C Black provides online teacher notes to support teaching of tunes on a Recorder (which is great for KS2 pupils). Reading musical notes and knowing how to play instruments can be very beneficial.

The teaching notes highlight when a new musical concept is introduced and provides information on how to approach teaching this. This is given step by step so there is sufficient detail provided for teachers to do it with success and pupils shall be able to understand it easily. There are also extension tips given for use with more able children (who have taken up instrument playing with ease) within a lesson. Scores are available to download in PDF for use in lessons. Games can also be downloaded to support children in practising to play the recorder and reading musical notation.

Other Stuff 

Teachers will also find downloadable certificates on A&C Black that can be used to celebrate children’s achievements in learning to play the recorder. This is a great time saver and parents and carers will be able to share in the success of their child. The site has games that will keep the learning of the Recoder fun, through reading and playing. Also there are books that build upon the previous that delves into more depth and applies new knowlege. The CD's will help teachers and pupils hear what they can teach, learn and achive when playing this instrument as well as containing backing tracks to songs. 

Downloads provides accompaniments to songs including piano peices, percussion and more. Teachers and pupils can play instruments together which will help teach them skills in timing and performance, which is needed if they want a career in music.


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