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Selection of Free Drawing Lessons covering a range of topics from ABC.

Free Drawing Lessons for Teachers and Pupils

ABC offers free drawing lessons, which primary school teachers may find useful in Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. The drawing skills covered by this website can be used with pupils who are engaged in Art or Design Technology tasks taking the role of artist, architect or other design roles.

The great aspect of this website is that it can be used for continued professional development prior to teaching a lesson to a class of children. Each lesson on the website provides an indicative amount of time necessary to complete the suggested task and gives a clear aim for the lesson.

Developing Drawing Skills in Creating Images with Perspective

Teachers will find that the website supports developing the use of perspective with lessons on creating a three-dimensional view on a two dimensional plane. There are diagrams and key vocabulary to support understanding the steps that need to be taken. These can be used as part of modelling and demonstration in lessons and the website offers suggestions on how the basic drawing can be subject to innovation by pupils. When exploring perspective, this website provides teaching tips so three-dimensional work can be created from different views, such as from above and below.

The drawing skills are built on in each lesson activity so that basic principles can be applied to interior designing, lettering as well as other tasks. The use of shading for shadows is also addressed and drawing skills for ensuring these are accurately developed. There is a section of the website devoted to shading, which covers cross-hatching and other methods as well as noting the theory of shading in general.

With the availability of computer-based design packages, it can be easy to rely on these in creating designs. However, this website makes drawing skills easy to teach and learn by virtue of the step-by-step instructions offered through this website. It will be of interest to teachers at primary school level as well as specialists in Art and Design and Design Technology in other stages of education also.


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