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       explains how to write letters for different people and purposes in French which helps with MFL KS4.

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As part of Key Stage 4 Modern Foreign Languages, it is expected that pupils will be able to write for different audiences and purpose, demonstrating their communication skills. They are encouraged to adapt and apply the language they are learning to different contexts and situations. It involves pupils being confident and familiar with language structures and grammar. provides formulas and formats for producing written correspondence in French.  This relates to the use of language in relation to education, training and employment as well as social purposes. The guide covers how to decide on appropriate salutations and letter openings. It offers a selection of sentence starters and suggested structures for making requests, giving reasons, expressing pleasure or regret and acceptable ways of closing a letter. Pupils may find this a useful source of information in supporting their own compositions as they draft or proofread their texts. The guide also makes it clear when certain language structures and grammatical forms are utilised.

The Uses of Learning another Language

This site will ensure development in the lanuage of French as well as gaining skills in writing and reading (which are covered in English Literature and Language). Modern Foreign Languages is important for any individual as it will give them easy access to understanding others when visiting other countries. This site will give pupils experience in different areas of letter writing; on paper or by email; for business or a job. Tips are also provided which can be a great help to teachers and pupils who are unsure of letter-writing in a different language. 

There are also resources that link to the French language such as further information on writing, jobs, manners and more that will contribute to a pupils knowlege and understanding. There is also a sample letter which will give guidance to teachers and pupils.


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