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A cooking site that targets KS2 Design & Technology that encourages healthy eating and cooking within schools.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Active Kids Get Cooking is a fantastic site for KS2 teachers and pupils in the subject of Design & Technology as it provides tools, recipes and information on healthy eating. This site is provided by the supermarket Sainsbury's which has an aim to make Britain healthier through good food and awareness of required exercise. 

In the Schools Zone section of the site you can find a case study video that can be used in Design and Technology classes. It contains the result of what happened when a school traded vouchers for a soccer coach and line-dancing coach. Regular exercise really does help when staying fit and healthy along with eating good foods.


The toolkit contains lesson ideas, activities and recipie ideas which are suitable for 7 to 11 year olds. They are all based around healthy eating and teaching children how to cook which is vital for everyday life. If children know how to cook then they can stay healthy rather than choosing fast-food and ready-meals. 

Certificates and Awards

This site also has a certificate that can be orded to reward children when they have done something exceptionally well in the topic area. There are award toolkits for different areas of food and for different ages of pupil. Pupils gaining awards can ensure them continuing what they have learned at home and further into their lives.


There is a catalogue full of tools for cooking such as wooden spoons, baking trays and more which can be used in schools. Having the correct cooking and baking equiptment is vital when teaching about ammounts, portions and calories. In this catalogue there are seeds that can be bought so schools can grow their own fruit and vegetables. To help with growing fruit and vegetables you can buy tools and safety gear, which teaches both teachers and pupils how to grown and maintain their produce. 


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