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Adobe provides lesson plans that incorporate the use of ICT within a range of core subjects.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Adobe provides lesson plans that can be used by teachers to integrate the use of ICT into their specific curriculum area. These cover Maths, Science, English and Language, History and Visual and Performing Arts. The lesson plans cover a wide range of topics. For example, there are plans and guides on creating podcasts. These can be used in many areas of the curriculum. Getting a good handle on ICT can excel a teachers and pupils learning in other subjects. ICT has become a major part in our everyday lives.

Adobe has tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustator which teachers and pupils can use to create websites, design posters, animations and even turn a sketch into a computer image. Learning these skills can help in other subjects such as Art, Language, D&T and more. There is loads of peices of software to choose from. Teachers can use them for wall displays, class presentations and resource materials. Pupils can use them for courswork, projects, presentations and more.

There is also information on assessment and creating electronic portfolios in order to document the development of pupils’ work when integrating the use of ICT into teaching different areas of the curriculum.

Resources and the Curriculum 

The resources support the National Curriculum for ICT at Key Stage 3 as skills and techniques are used purposefully and responsibly in learning. The materials can be used to support pupils in exploring a variety of ICT tools in developing ideas and communicating information. Pupils can develop their ability to evaluate the use of ICT for different purposes within other curriculum areas.

Highly developed skills in all subject areas is vital when attending University or getting a job so pupils must be taught them. ICT is now in most parts of our everday lives so it is essential that both teachers and pupils are in the know.



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