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A music site that provides detailed explanations of African music and their culture.

Learning and Teaching Resources

At Key Stage 3, pupils learn that Music is a form of personal expression and an integral part of culture in the past and present. Music helps pupils to develop their cultural understanding. Pupils are expected to learn about musical traditions and the role of Music in national and personal identity. They also explore how certain experiences, emotions and ideas are conveyed in pieces of music from different times and places.

Afropop provides resources that can be drawn on in lessons to support the National Curriculum programme of study as it focuses on the origins and development of different genres and styles. This site connects their music with the rest of the world. African music is more than lyrics and sounds, it has soul, meaning, depth. It ties in with their cultures and beliefs.

Articles and Sounds 

There is access to articles and sound clips related to music from different genres and cultures. This could be used as a website for pupils to use in researching or for teachers to find material that might be appropriate for classroom use. There are also short broadcasts, which outline different genres and their development over time.


This site provides programmes about their music and culture. Festivals, music, people and instruments are talked about and shown. Live peices of music feature on the programmes which can be shown in music classes as examples. Interviews and CD reviews can also be found on Afropop.


The interviews are with people such as Baloji and Karim Rush who talk about their lives, songs, languages and their music. It is great for students to understand musicians as part of their Music classes and these interviews provide personal knowlege, feelings and experiences.


CD Reviews are detailed and truthful. They provide an insight into the songs and if they are worth listening to.  


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