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A fun language-learning site that is aimed at children aged 11–14 who study MFL.

Learning and Teaching Tool

Alien Language is intended to support those learning MFL and covers English, French, Spanish and German. It specifically focuses on teaching and learning about parts of the body and requires pupils to have some prior learning of vocabulary and sentences related to this topic. This site is primarily for KS3 and KS4 pupils but it can be used with younger children. The sight is higly interactive and colourful which will engage pupils full attention. 

The language that the pupils are learning covers everything in the site. In tasks, pupils must be able to understand statements in another langage and answer then in that language. This helps develop their skills.

This site has been approved by the national curriculum for use in Modern Foreign Languages classes. There is a suggested time that each activity should take so that teachers can see where pupils are doing well and where they need improvement.

Activities on Alien Language 

The activities aim to cover key vocabulary about the body as well as spelling, grammar and sentence construction through an interactive and motivation multimedia approach. Each activity trains and develops pupils understanding of the language.1 Pupils identify body parts, which requires them to read and understand the MFL being studied. Labelling activities require spelling and understanding of words in the target language to be used. This leads into sentence building and a quiz bringing together reading, comprehension of text and knowledge of sentence construction and grammar.

The website also has a visual dictionary that can be accessed. It contains audio of pronunciations alongside the text. It also has images that label the parts of the body in the language that is being learned (both singular and plural labels).

Teachers are also able to access worksheets that can be downloaded and photocopied; and activities for use in the classroom via this website.


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