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The Amnesty site can be used in Secondary School Citizenship classes as it provides information on human rights.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website offers great teaching resources for the Citizenship programme of study; at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Amnesty International provides a wide range of resources for teachers of Citizenship with an angle on human rights issues. Amnesty offers packs for teachers who want to teach Human Rights issues but are unsure of how to do so.

The resources cover some delicate issues in the world today such as asylum, torture, the arms trade and refugees. Such subjects can be sensitive to some students but all the resources made available are adaptable to different age groups. Within the human rights lesson plans, teachers will find materials relating to poverty and discrimination, as well as instigating challenging debates to the students.

The Amnesty site really helps when teaching pupils about Human Rights and other topics related because it does have the right kind of information for different age groups. Along with Lesson plans there are films and real-life stories which will help explain the subject further and in more detail. Having someones personal account of a topic, such as child soliders, can create a huge impact on the pupils and make them aware of what happens in the world.

Shared Resources 

There is also a ‘Shared Resources’ section on the webpage that allows teachers to contribute their own resources to the site. This is helpful and only enables more free resources on Citizenship to be made available to other teachers visiting the site. Downloadable resource books, that are also available in the form of PDF files, are available to aid teachers in introducing the issues of human rights to students.

There is also a resource centre for teachers, pupils and anyone to use when wanting to know more about Amnesty and it's topic areas. The 'My Resources' page of the sight holds specifically designed packs for anyone about different areas of Human Rights.


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