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Animal Aid a site that can be used in Citizenship and PHSE classes as it provides videos and DVD on animals and their treatment.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Animal Aid gives teachers free access to video material covering a range of issues, which support the teaching of KS4 Citizenship and PSHE, but may also be useful in other areas of the curriculum as a stimulus. In recent years, animal rights has become a big topic so it is important that pupils are made aware about it. Teaching pupils to be kind to animals will also make them a better person and possibly intest them in a future with animals.

DVDs and Materials

There is material on the rearing of animals for food, exploring the discussion and debate that surrounds it. A DVD is available for introducing pupils to animal rights. For teachers wanting resources to engage pupils in discussion of animal testing and experimentation; there is a DVD that examines moral and scientific arguments.

Several of the DVDs are accompanied by booklets that can be downloaded. These contain a selection of lesson plans with cross-curricular links identified. The booklets also contain worksheets and other resources necessary to deliver the lessons. Some of the DVD and activity booklets also have downloadable resources for the interactive whiteboard.

The materials on this website can be used to form a scheme of work or provide resources that support those already in place within a school. Teaching pupils about animal rights is very important so using the Animal Aid site will really help and aid the teaching.

Teachers can also sign up to recieve newsletters that contain extra information. They can also send off for a pack full of information and resources. When planning lessons on animal rights, Animal Aid has a selection of guest speakers that can be booked who will come into schools and teach what they know to Secondary School pupils (on different areas of the topic). 


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