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A history site that provides a pack on enslavement and references to other useful texts.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Anti-Slavery is a dedicated site to the knowlege and teaching of enslavement. There is a timeline that covers 276 years which has short bits of information about voyages, slavery and the abolition bill. This timeline is a great overview that can be used in Key Stage 3 History classes. It can even be used in a wall display. This site also has a selection of narratives from different people. There are topics on Africa to Resistance to Abolition. There are images that go alongside of the narratives that are relevant. 

Educational Resources 

The educational resources on the Anti-Slavery site are packs, websites and books that all relate to the topic of enslavement. Packs include activies (talking about Slave Trade, Freedom, etc...), narratives (which are also shown throughout the site) and extra information. These packs come in hard copy or in pdf downloadable files. There is also a creative pack with interactive exercises and activities that the pupils can partake in which they learn about the British Slave Trade, Abolition and more. 

There is an exhibition which can be used in classes to show pupils the images from the enslavement era. There are images of those who were in slavery, clergy men, parliamentarians and more. This exhibition can be borrowed from the owner who can be contacted through email or telephone. 

The Recovered Histories Education Project offers training days for teachers who wish to learn more about enslavement (and how to teach the topic) so they can take the knowlege and teach it to their pupils. 

On the site there is an extensive book list which teachers can find and buy to help aid the teaching of slavery. The twenty-three books all cover the different parts and years of the enslavement era. Books contain accounts of the slaves, those trying to abolish slavery and also information about the parliment at the time.


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