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Antony Gormley


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An Art & Design site on Antony Gormley that contains multiple resources on the subject.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Antony Gormley created sculptures looking at the human body and space. Perhaps the most famous of his pieces is the Angel of the North. His work can be a useful starting point for exploring 3D forms with pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4. There are lists of future shows of Gormley's work which could be visited by Art & Design Teachers and Pupils. There are text resources on the site that talk about sculptures, themes, shows, galleries and ideas from Gormley and those who are in link with him. 

In KS3 and KS4 Art lessons, pupils learn about the artists themselves. This site provides a biography, CV and a press archive about Antony Gormley. The biography talks about his life and career.There is a mention of awards he has won, when he was born, what school he attended and also where his work has been exhibited.  


A bank of images of sculptures by Gormley are provided in the ‘Sculptures’ section of the website, which pupils can use to evaluate, analyse and draw inspiration from in producing their own ideas. There is a large collection of images in the ‘Drawing’ section of the website that explore the human form and space. These could provide useful starting points for considering ideas for 3D work, encouraging the use of mixed media. By visiting the ‘Resources’ section of the website, it is possible to access text, videos, audio and images of Antony Gormley’s work.


The videos are particularly useful as they show the work within a space from various angles or the steps needed to achieve installation of pieces. They also contain information on different galleries, shows and peices of art. The information contained in these videos are detailed and quite relevent to their area. They explore the different parts of Gormley's work.


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Star Rating - 4 out of 5

Reviewed by: Ted

From: Leeds

 Monday 28th November 2011

Great Resources

My KS3 group really enjoyed these resources. Good video too!!


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