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Art Attack is a fun site that allows teachers to provide fun, artistic tasks and opportunities for their students.

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Whether you are an artistic prodigy or the least creative teacher on the planet, this website follows the same vein as the long running TV series, providing wonderful artistic things for kids to create, all using easily accessible materials. The site allows opportunity to develop ideas for teaching and create educational worksheets.

This fun, vibrant website is ideal for planning arts projects and activities for your classroom and it could easily be navigated by a child of Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 if they wish to pick projects of their own to support a child lead learning approach. The website is great for primary school teaching resources in particular.

For ease of use the site is split into sections. These include:

Meet Neil – This section that tells you all about the presenter Neil Buchanan, and also some fascinating facts about the making of the television programme which are great for a more media based lesson plan.

Art Attack – The Art Attack section alphabetically lists all the art projects that have been on the show. These Art Attack fact sheets provide hundreds of wacky and creative ideas which are perfect for ready-to-use lesson plans. Each fact sheet tells you what materials you will need and then takes you through step-by-step written instructions with picture aids so that you can see how it should be looking at each stage. If you decide to print these fact sheets to give out as worksheets to the class they also make a good activity for instruction reading and perhaps they could come up with instructions of their own. The Art Attacks include fun projects such as making a crisp bag pen and pencil holder, Aztec soap carving and creating 3D Pablo Picasso style faces.  It also offers useful projects such as tips on drawing the human form and a fact sheet on helping to develop your own individual artistic style.

Gallery – This gallery showcases the artwork of other children that have been sent to Neil.  This is updated on a regular basis, and children’s artistic designs can either be scanned and emailed or can be posted to the address on the page.

There is also a link to the online shop which sells Art Attack DVDs and software (plus a downloadable poster of Neil Buchanan should you be so inclined!).

Although this site is not mapped to the curriculum nor does it provide any direct teacher guidance, its creativity and originality should make you use this site time and time again.

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