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Artisan Cam can be used in an Art & Design lesson as is contains workshop clips on how to create a number of different objects.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Artisan Cam is an award winning site that can be used in KS2 and KS3 Art & Design - They provide video clips and supporting teaching resources of artisans, artists and craftspeople at work. Artisan Cam cover a  wide range of clips including jewellers, potters and more are available in easy to access file formats ideal for use in key stage 2 and 3 art & design.

There are hundreds of images in this sites gallery. Each have all been created by a member, be it teacher or pupil. There are notes, links and posters that teachers can use in their classes and lessons. The notes contains tips and targets for teaching art at these levels. Posters have been designed to decorate the classroom. The links can connect teachers to artist sites, cultural organisations and more.

Design & Display 

Artisan Cam has a wide range of resources from how to make jewellery from recycled materials to making sculptures of buildings from polystyrene! Children can upload the pictures of there art work and display them on the websites gallery too! The site also has many artists profiles on the website, including Sarah Dyer and Mike Eden. A variety of art forms are looked at in detail; such as jewellery, textiles, photography and more.

This site has resources for just about every type of art form including sculpture, installation, exhibiting and textiles; there are also resources on animation and photography. There is information and videos about diffferent artists featured on the site. Artisan Cam has some brilliant online activities that pupils can use to learn about sewing, colour, comics, cards, etc...

Overall this is a great website with lots of fun and fresh ideas to take away to class rooms and homes. Both teachers and pupils can learn and explore the Art subject through many different ways.


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