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The Artsmark site that provides the opportunity for schools to be recognised through their Art & Design and other creative subjects.

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Artsmark is a national award scheme managed by the Arts Council England, which offers schools the opportunity to be recognised for the quality of education they provide in Art and Design, Dance, Drama and other creative areas of the curriculum. There is a focus is on every child and young person experiencing the arts by promoting provision in educational settings.

Artsmark seeks to embed the arts in a setting and integrate this into school improvement planning. Gaining an Artsmark can also raise the profile of a school in a local community. This website provides resources for teachers who wish to apply for an Artsmark. There is information for teachers and schools on the writing of a good quality Arts Policy. This encourages schools to consider their view of the importance of the arts, why these are important for children and young people’s development and develop clear aims and objectives to develop provision.

Guidance materials for specific settings and exemplification of auditing and responding to requirements for gaining an Artsmark are also included on the site. If there is anything you need to know about the site then there is a FAQ page which has a seletion of questions that have already been answered that may answer your own.

What's Included 

  • There is an A-Z of links listed on the site which are there to help any school wishing to gain and Artsmark. Each link has some relationship with Art, Drama and Dance.

  • There is an option (with permission from parents and guardians) fo teachers to upload images of children preforming their art to the site.

  • There is a document with the new Ofstead framework, linking in with Artsmark.

  • Publications are availible to download; they talk about awards, arts, creation and more, all linking to schools and their pupils.


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