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An Art site that educates the teacher and their students how to develop images through using pencil and pen.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Arty Factory is a useful resource for developing the drawing skills of pupils at Key Stage 3 and beyond. It focuses on using the media of pencil, pens and ink. The website takes teachers and pupils through developing an image from a pencil sketch into a peice of work that includes colour added by the use of watercolours. Basic drawing skills in pencil are covered and the techniques of cross-hatching and stippling to create tone and texture when working with ink. There are also visual guides on how to draw tiles and bricks; thus creating a more in-depth and detailed image.

The site reccomends paints, pens, pencils, paper and ink which will benefit teachers and pupils the most in ther art.

Worksheets, Examples and Techniques

There are links to worksheets that can be given to pupils to support them in developing these techniques. Examples of works by artists (such as Vincent Van Gogh) are provided to demonstrate how the techniques have been used. For instance, hatching and cross-hatching examples that can be printed for reference in the classroom.

The use of techniques to create tone and texture are examined step-by-step to help pupils develop sophistication in their own work; they are advised on how each tone and texture should be used in each part of the image. The use of colour in pencil drawings is also covered; especially on the use of watercolour paints. Stippling is another technigue that is also covered, using examples of how it is used to create 3D drawings. Perspective drawing is another big part of learning how to draw correctly. 

This is a useful website for teachers developing their own scheme of work or for those who wish to supplement current schemes with other resources. Teaching pupils how to draw, tone and texture has never been easier.


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