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At Bristol is a site that teaches you about different parts of the brain and body and what they can be used for.

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This website gives children an opportunity to consider how the brain influences different skills and how a range of talents can be developed. It can help children identify what they are good at and identify ways in which they improve on areas that are not a particular strength. There are tests on areas as well as lots of information. There are pages of information of each area that is detailed and well-explained. The site also makes pupils aware of sexual health. There are pages which are quite basic then there are ones more scientific.

Teaching pupils about these topic areas will benefit their physical and social lives in the future as they become more aware of how to look after themselves and knowing about the effects of certain substances, such as alcohol. 


There is an experiment that can give children insight into the dominant side of their body. Another activity develops children’s ability to understand facial expressions. This is useful in supporting children to become more aware of how feelings and emotions are conveyed by people’s faces and hopefully encourage them to take greater awareness of this when interacting with others. Learning these can create great people skills.

There is also an experiment that explores body language. Children can consider what is actually been conveyed by the way people stand, move or gesticulate when interacting with others. This is useful for considering what others may communicate with their body language as well as encouraging children to be more conscious of what they convey to others with their own use of body language.

There are surveys and polls that ask questions about men and women, health and other related areas. Statistics are given at the end of each which can be used in research and classes. 


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