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This music site provides a free audio editor developed by a team of software developers, translators, etc...

Learning and Teaching Resource

Audacity allows sound to be recorded and imported into the programme for manipulation. This can be the recording of voice, sound effects or instruments. Audio tracks can be imported into Audacity and edited. The software also allows special effects to be applied to tracks that are being put together. This website contains a ‘Wiki’ that teachers can draw on in order to help them become familiar with Audacity and consider potential use on the classroom.

The software can record live sessions that can be replayed or edited. Conversions of formats can be made; also multiple tracks can be placed and edited together. There is a high quality of sound; it's easily accessible; has a range of effects that will enhance any audio track.

Screenshots can be viewed so that you can see the interface of the software. This helps if you're wanting to understand Audacity before you download and use it. There is a list of system requirements so you can find out what this software can be downloaded onto.

Teachers using this Software 

Teachers may find Audacity a useful tool in making advertisements for products or create podcasts. There is the potential to create bespoke sounds for use in PowerPoints, especially if the presentation is related to something musical. Compositions can be created and shared with others or soundtracks developed for work in other areas of the curriculum. Audacity offers the potential to make links between Music, ICT, Literacy and other areas of the curriculum.

The software can also be useful in capturing children’s work so that they are able to develop appraisal skills and consider how work can be improved. By using this with pupils, you can develop their knowlege and skills on creation, compostion and editing; for which they can use in presentations, projects and more.


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