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Avert provides quizzes, facts and an guidance on HIV and AIDS that can be used in PSHE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Avert provide resources for teaching about HIV and AIDS, which is a challenging subject for PSHE teachers and pupils alike. Teachers should adhere to school guidance and policy if they are considering addressing this topic as it can lead to controversy and be a sensitive issue.

There is a section about Children with HIV and AIDS; containing figures, infection and prevention. Teaching pupils about these children can make an impact and make them understand the diseases more. There are videos, images and drawings that illustrate this topic in more detail.

Quizzes can be taken by pupils so that they can see how much they know about HIV and AIDS as well as causes and prevention. It also teaches them at the same time, as they can see correct answers if they choose the wrong one. Many misinterpretations can be cleared through these quizzes.

Level of Education 

The materials on the website provide a good starting point for planning how to educate young people about HIV and AIDS. There are suggestions for how a basic programme on the subject may be developed if time is limited as well as guidance on producing far more comprehensive sequences of lessons to examine HIV and AIDS in more depth. A very useful aspect of the website is guidance on what it is that teachers can use in order to make sure they are treating this sensitive subject in the most effective way.


The materials on the website cover facts about HIV and AIDS and transmission. This is an area that can have really challenging misconceptions. There are also suggestions on how attitudes towards HIV and AIDS can be considered and challenged.

This is a valuable resource for anyone who is involved in educating young people about HIV and AIDs as it provideds correct information and also helps teachers educate.


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