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Help with both Primary and Secondary School fundraising as everyone is asked to sell their unwanted textiles to Bag2School.

Learning and Teaching Resource 

Bag2School are an organisation that purchase unwanted textiles from schools and sell them on. If you are looking to raise some money for any occasion, you might want to consider this as it can be used in both Primary and Secondary schools. This school fundraising resource offers ideas on promoting your collection day within your school and the wider community. The website offers a free downloadable poster and newsletter to help promote your collection!

There are some great tips on how to promote conduct the fundraising event. There are plenty of facts, statistics and figures about recycling that can be used in classes. There are talks that can be booked for the beginning of the event which gives a basic history and impacts. A list of what the organisation collects is on the site and provides a list of what not to collect. On the site you can be made aware of what happens to the textiles you collect. There is a photo gallery containing images of other schools Bag2School events. 

Helping the Environment 

By selling unwanted clothes, shoes, bedding, and soft toys, you will be helping the environment as Bag2School provides that diversion away from unwanted waste. It doesn’t stop there though – the website offers an assembly on recycling for schools, and the recycling aspect of the fundraising links in with the PSHE programme of study in schools. The website offers a long list of recycling facts that you can couple together with the fundraising in classrooms and assemblies alike.

All in all, it is a great way for your school and outside community to come together and do something good for the environment, with very little effort! With the links to study programmes and the positive impact on both school and community, raising the money will just be an added bonus!


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