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For Business Studies and PSHE classes, this provides resources on helping children understand banking and its roles.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Personal finance, financial awareness, economic understanding - call it what you will, but there is a new emphasis on money matters in the new PSHE Economic Wellbeing programme of study. The Bank of England has some well established and useful teaching resources for PSHE and business studies that means you don’t have to be the expert on the topic. Simply use their activities for key stages 1,2,3 and 4.

Produced by Experts 

The resources have been produced and reviewed by educational experts in consultation with the Bank of England and are designed to have clear links to the curriculum programmes of various subjects including English; Maths; History; Business and more.  Most resources are very well set out with supporting teachers notes to help with those lesson plans.

The resources and materials support learning about managing money and finances. Pupils’ economic understanding can be developed. There are teacher notes and information cards that can be downloaded related to ‘Pounds & Pence’. Using all of these can really help with the learning process for both pupils and teachers.


These materials cover areas such as spending, saving, borrowing and interest. Pupils learn about prices, how these change and the influence of inflation. The information cards are attractive resources for use with pupils and activity cards can be used for independent or collaborative work. ‘Made of Money’ provides resources that can be used with Key Stage 3 pupils, which consider the economy and how it works. Audiovisual materials are provided on the website .

Planning is provided in the form of teacher notes and is complemented by resource cards and activities; which will make rather intersting and engaging lessons. The Bank of England also provides a set of films that can be used in the classroom when teaching about the Bank, inflation and the economy.


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