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Barnardo’s Big Toddle


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Banardo’s BigToddle helps organise a charity walking event for the under 5s that helps raise money.

Learning and Teaching Resource

This website resource for fundraising is a great idea to do something fun with young children. There are worksheets, posters and activities all available to engage young children aged between 0-5 (KS1), all related to the Big Toddle. The Big Toddle is the biggest charity event for children 0-5, and is a great way to get the children excited and doing something good for charity, even at such a young age!

Theme, Activities and Worksheets 

This year’s theme is superheroes, and all the activities and worksheets made available are related to the theme. The resources all conform to key areas of the National Curriculum for children, and these connections are outlined on the website. Key aspects such as physical development and being a healthy child are all related to within the resources and the event itself. All worksheets are printable so that they can easily distributed. There are also printable display posters so that you cna decorate your classroom (covering alphabet, counting, height and more).


Getting the children involved in community at an early stage in a very fun way is a great idea. The online resources supplement the event itself, and the website also makes resources for promoting your event available. The Big Toddle can take place anywhere, at any time, which puts great emphasis on teachers, nursery carers and parents to organise their own event. There are tips and information provided to help teachers set-up and run their own event.

Where the Money Raised Goes 

All the money raised goes to a great cause, as Barnado’s work tirelessly for disabled and underprivileged children to get what they deserve. You and the children will have a great time leading up to the event with the activities on offer, and a great day when the event takes place!


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