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BBC Titanic


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BBC Titanic contains a lesson plan and worksheet that covers the topic for the Titanic which can be used in KS2 Science and History classes.

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The tragic sinking of the Titanic in April 1912 has created an enduring fascination and interest in the ship and the fate of the people onboard. Sunday 15 April 2012 marked one hundred years since the disaster. Given a significant anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic has been reached, many teaching and learning resources about the ship and events surrounding it have been produced for the classroom. For primary school teachers in Key Stage 2, BBC Primary British History offers free lesson ideas and teacher resources that can be incorporated into a topic based on the Titanic.

There is a lesson plan that can be downloaded from the website and this outlines the aims and objectives of KS2 teaching and learning activities as relevant to the primary curriculum for History. Through using the free lesson ideas, teachers can give pupils the opportunity to use different types of evidence to find out about the past, recognise events in the past that have shaped today as well as the chance to consider continuity and change across a period of time.

The Launch of the Titanic Teaching and Learning Activities

As part of the teaching and learning activities, pupils examine the Titanic Launch ticket and research the launch of the ship. This can be used as a platform for cross-curricular Literacy with children producing diary entries. There are also teaching ideas related to tickets are kept as reminders of special events. Primary school teachers at Key Stage 2 will find that the website offers a host of supporting resources for use in the classroom.

A great feature of the free teaching resources and lesson ideas for Key Stage 2 is that it includes resources for a science investigation that aligns with AT1 Scientific Enquiry. Teachers can download a free scientific investigation template where children can plan their ideas and record their findings. This covers identifying variables, how to ensure the test is a fair test as well as a table in which results can be recorded and patterns considered in order to arrive at a conclusion. KS2 teachers who cover friction as part of their curriculum will find this of particular interest. 


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