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BBC provides basic training on the internet, computers and social media that helps develop ICT skills.

Learning and Teacher Resources

This BBC website seeks to provide input on the basics of using a computer. It covers the use of a mouse, the keyboard, icons and windows as well as uploading media files and printing. These are areas that will give children a flying start to using computers. There are a series of tutorials that children can watch and listen to, which could form the input for whole-class teaching. There are also games that can be accessed to develop their ability to single click, double click and drag as well as improve typing and speed in doing so.

Basic ICT and the Internet

Teaching children about ICT, from a young age, will benefit them in future education and careers that could possibly require them to already have the basic skills. The BBC site also offers resources on how to stay safe when using the internet- for both teachers and their pupils. Young children using the internet should be aware of the do's and don't as well as how to use the internet.

Areas such as searching for sites and registering on them. Knowing how to do these safely and being able to protect your personal information is key for a good ICT & Internet experience.

The Curriculum and Other Aspects of ICT

The materials on the website support the National Curriculum programme of study for ICT as the basic skills underpin exchanging and sharing information, developing ideas and finding things out.

The website also provides information on other aspects of ICT. For example, what the internet and what words mean in web addresses. These could be useful in providing background information for children in relation to a use of ICT that is becoming increasingly a part of daily life. Knowing how the actual web-browser works is a great skill to have.


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