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BethShalom covers some useful sections when learning about the Holocaust in KS3 History and PSHE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum programme of study for History, pupils learn about conflict between countries and people. The impact of this is considered. This can include learning about the Holocaust and the events of World War Two that led to it. This site can also be used in KS3 PSHE and KS4 History lessons. 

There are slideshows of images and information on some of the topic areas that are on this site. Images are if people from the time (that relate to the topic- such as Jews). It is good for pupils to see images so that they can analyse text information against them; creating their own view of World War II.


This website provides a wealth of information about the events of the Second World War and the Holocaust. It aims to introduce pupils to the Holocaust through providing facts as well as photographs, documents and video footage as sources by which the past can be understood.

Hitler and the Nazis

There are sections that focus on Hitler’s rise to power, Nazi anti-Semitism and all other factors that led to the ‘Final Solution’ and, ultimately, concentration camps. The website could be useful in whole-class teaching when introducing an area or theme as well as a place where pupils can be directed to visit in order to develop their own knowledge and understanding independently.

Interactive Timeline & Glossary

An interactive timeline is also accessible on the website to support pupils in understanding the chronology of World War Two and the Holocaust. The timeline begins on the 30th of January, 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany; all the way through to the 8th of May, 1945, when Europe claimed victory of World War II (V-Day).

In addition, the website provides a glossary of approx.139 terms that can be useful when pupils are using the site on their own.


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