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History Teachers can use this site to explain Roman remains and images are provided.

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The Birmingham Museum website provides images of Roman objects that can be used to help children learn about the Romans. These images of artefacts are available online or can be downloaded as part of a PDF with explanation of what is included. Most images have a date for the item that is shown. A good idea for using this in the classroom is to separate the images from the text, invite children to say what it is and what it may have been used for and then compare their ideas with the view of historians.


There is also an Ancient Rome timeline for children to complete by adding information of what was happening in key years. This is a good resource for children to record independent or guided research findings in. It also can be used to discuss the use of BCE and AD when talking about the passing of time.

The artefact images can also serve as a starting point for children creating their own Roman objects in 3D! Creating objects can give children an idea of what they look like in 3D, gaining experience in history, as well as art & design. This type of learning is multi-functional and it really does benefit the children.


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