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Blender has a 3D Content Creation Suit that can be used in ICT and Art.

3D modelling. A good substitute for Adobe After Effects

An open source (free) 3D content creation application. A good alternative to Adobe After Effects. This software will allow students to model, shade, animate, render and create composite and interactive 3D artwork. The software interface allows for the scripting of common tasks, batch processing and the saving of word-areas. Complex 2D and 3D character modelling, 3D character rigging, solid modelling, animation and rendering are all key features. Advanced features include uv unwrapping, raytrace rendering, particle generation and shading. Interactive features include 3D walkthrough realtime 3D game creation (with codebase) suitable for output to a Playstation 3. The 3D game creation aspect makes this application idea for the new programming initiative launched by Michael Gove in 2012.

Hardware requirements, network

• Windows XP, Vista or 7
• Mac OS X 10.5 and later
• Linux
• FreeBSD
• Minimal specs for Hardware
• 1 GHZ Single Core CPU
• 512 MB RAM
• 1024 x 768 px Display with 16 bit color
• 3 Button Mouse
• Open GL Graphics Card with 64 MB RAM
• Good specs for Hardware
• 2 GHZ Dual Core CPU
• 2 GB RAM
• 1920 x 1200 px Display with 24 bit color
• 3 Button Mouse
• Open GL Graphics Card with 256 or 512 MB RAM

This software needs to run on individual workstations. However, there are no issues saving to shared fileservers.

ICT curriculum uses and referencing

• Perfect for the 2012 programming initiative announced by Michael Gove.
• KS3 POS: 1.3 (a and b) 2.2 (b and c), 2.4 (a,b,and c)
• KS4 POS: 1.3 (a and b) 2.2 (b and c), 2.4 (a,b,and c)
• Design & Technology – digital modelling
• Media Studies – video titling and intros
• Art – digital rendering


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