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BNSC has teachers resources and video clips that educates students about Space.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The British National Space Centre (BNSC) is at the heart of UK efforts to explore and exploit space and their website is packed full of information about Space and our Solar System.  Even better news for Science or Design and Technology teachers though is that the website has a dedicated Learning Zone which is linked to the national curriculum and has free teaching resources for all key stages.

There is a brilliant training scheme called 'Mission X' where children will learn about healthy eating and exercise through training and eating like real-life astronauts (scailed down to a child's level). They'll also learn about future possibilities. You can access different kits before signing pupils onto the scheme.  

There are oppertunities on the site for pupils themselves to join clubs, groups and take part in studies of the topic. 

The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is designed to support teaching and learning across the whole curriculum. Space Cadets focuses on Key Stage 1 learners whilst the Space Explorers area is aimed at those in Key stages 2 and 3.  Advanced explorers will be useful to learners at Key stage 4.  At each level teachers will find curriculum guidelines to go with worksheets, lesson plans, interactive activities and online games.


Activities for Space Cadets (key stage 1) include and exercise explaining why it is dark at night and why stars cannot be seen in the daytime; resources for Space Explorers (key stage 2 and 3) include an interactive example of how the Earth orbits the sun and a discussion on seasons; lesson plans for Advanced Explorers include a history of space exploration. 

All of these activities and worksheets will help educate Primary and Secondary pupils for Design & Technology and Science classes. They will get a basic understanding and will develop on skills already learned. This site is great for the Space topic- with the training, healthy eating, design and more that happens. 


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