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Resources for KS3 Science and PSHE students about smoking and it also has teachers’ resources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Boots provide resources for teaching pupils about the dangers of smoking. This involves looking at the upper respiratory system and lower respiratory system in order to help pupils develop a deeper understanding of the issues associated with tobacco use. Educating pupils about smoking is vital as it will teach them about the dangers of smoking as well as how to keep a healthy lifestyle.

On the site you can also find other issues relating to the body and work, which have teachers notes and activities. They also provide links to other sites which will help the teaching of the subjects that Boots provide resources for.

Information of the teaching of Smoking in the curriculum for KS3 and KS4 can be found. References and applications are provided as well as an explanation of what should be covered. Learning outcomes and extention notes are also shown on the site. 

Teacher Notes & Activity Sheets

There are teacher notes that can be used to support teaching as well as activities and resource sheets. The activities encourage children to think carefully about the biological aspects of the body and how chemicals in tobacco products impact on them adversely. There is an opportunity for pupils to consider the cellular damage caused by smoking.

Teachers will find activity sheets requiring the respiratory system to be labelled in order to develop their understanding of the human body before considering the effects of smoking in more detail. Questions and diagrams can be found on the sheets, which are set out clearly for pupils to understand, answer and label. These can be downloaded and save time in producing worksheets.

There are also versions of the material that can be downloaded and used offline, which is useful if internet is not available. All these resources can be used for KS3 & KS4 PSHE and Science. 


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