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Resources and Packs for KS3 & KS4 Citizenship and PHSE lessons from Bridges.

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Secondary School Resources on Heroes and Heroines Linked to The Olympic Games 2012

Bridges have produced educational materials for use in secondary schools designed to support teaching and learning based around the Olympics 2012. This resource pack for secondary teachers focuses on the theme of ‘Heroes and Heroines’. It can be used in four ways making it a flexible resource.

An Excellent Resource Related to The Olympic Games with Flexible Uses

Firstly, it is suggested that the resource pack for secondary schools can be used as the basis for discrete PSHE and Citizenship lessons. Secondly, shorter activities in the teaching and learning ideas contained within the pack make them ideal for use during form time to raise awareness of heroic action, Olympic values and equality. A third use of the resource is to support planning a focus- or enrichment day- based on the theme in this unit of work. Finally, cross-curricular work could be undertaken with the pack offering ideas for how this can be approached. There is a lot of potential in this resource that secondary teachers may wish to explore.

There are five sessions in this resource pack for teachers in secondary schools. These cover the qualities of heroes and heroines, issues that make heroism necessary in the contemporary world and how the Olympic values can help to improve lives. The resource pack includes case studies that support delivering the sessions.

Detailed Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets for Secondary Schools

The lesson plans for each session include a great deal of detail, which make the teaching and learning activities easy to deliver in the classroom. There are activity sheets that accompany each lesson and these are attractively and interestingly composed to engage pupils.

For secondary school teachers wishing to further explore topics and issues presented in the resource pack, a comprehensive list of sources of further information are provided to save busy teachers time in locating appropriate websites to consult.

This is certainly an interesting resource that secondary teachers should consider having a close look at in the coming weeks before the end of the academic year and start of the Games 2012!


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