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British Postal Museum and Archive


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A variety of learning packs and lesson plans that teachers can use for educating about British Postal History.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The British Postal Museum and Archive is a good source of information about Britain’s postal history. The website contains detailed information about how the postal service has developed across time. This is useful for KS2 History teachers and could be used by children to conduct their own research.

These resources are brilliant to use with primary ages children as they can be easily understood and highly interesting for them. They engage, teach and communicate. 

Learning Packs for History KS2 and SEN Classes

8 Learning packs are also available; they contain photographs, documents and article clippings. These provide background information for teachers and contain lesson plans and resources for use in the classroom. Children can learn about stamps and how these can be used as evidence of what happened in the past. The learning packs identify cross-curricular links, which supports planning within a creative curriculum.

Learning packs linked to the Victorians are also available. This includes historical sources that can be used in the classroom and support delivering the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for History. There are sections providing background for teachers, lesson plans and worksheets that can be used to deliver lessons while saving time on devising activities and collecting resources!


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