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For class fundraising, this site offers a selection of art packs that children can use and sell to raise money for a cause.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Class Fundraising run a website that offers great opportunities for low cost fundraising in schools. You will find on their website free samples available for their Christmas cards, tea towels and class mugs. Each of these items can be ordered with children and school designs on them, and the art pack that children and schools can use to design their items is completely free. These packs and activities are brilliant to use with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils in different subject areas.

Art Pack

There is no obligation to purchase any items, and the art pack resource could be put to good use in a lesson plan for children that would relate to the Art and Design programme of study. You could even include a prize for the best design in the class, but it is entirely down to the teacher’s discretion.

Ideas for Fundraising

The website offers a great array of ideas for fundraising that could potentially be used in any circumstance. A fundraising day could be organised, selling such goods as can be acquired on the website, or the designs could be promoting a certain theme or event that is already taking place in your school.


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