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A collection of classical music that can be used in Music lessons and also has lots of information.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The content of the website can help to support the National Curriculum programme of study for Music at Key Stage 3 when pupils consider the role of music in the past.

Biographies, Works and Performances

On this website, biographies of famous classical composers can be found. These cover a wide range of composers. This could be a useful website for developing pupils’ knowledge of classical composers and their lives. The significant works by each composer can be seen and short samples of the compositions can be listened to. This could be useful in raising pupils’ awareness of musical works from the past that remain popular and generally well-known today.

There is also a section of the website that includes presentations. These contain background information on performances that are- or have been- classically influenced. This could be a useful starting point for classroom discussion.

The website may also provide a place where teachers can visit to develop their own subject-knowledge in terms of classical works.


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