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This free site is perfect for Early Learners as it has plenty of games that they can use to learn about numbers, art, etc...

Learning and Teaching Resources

Crickweb teaching resources for Art & Design Early Years and KS1, are a fantastic early years art teaching website to encourage children to identify different colours and use the computer. This site teaches them basic skills and knowlege that they can use in their everyday lives. Activities are colourful and interactive which can sustain a child's learning.

Drawings and Interaction

Inspired by "paint by numbers" this useful art teaching resource uses simple drawings and an interactive animation to get children to copy an already painted image. Examples of some of the resources include compare and order - using their favourite animals to put in to size and using the "drag and drop" technique helps them to use the computer mouse too!

Pictures progress in difficulty and children are awarded a certificate at the end of the colouring in session.

14 Resources for Classes

There are 14 resources to use with either Early Years or KS1 pupils, all of them can be used in the classroom, on whiteboards and are also perfect for parents to use at home or when home-schooling, the resources are suitable for use with a PC or Mac.


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