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Crocodile Clips offers resources, games and software to use in Maths and Science.

A selection of free software geared towards maths and science

This website offers a plethora of free applications geared towards upper primary and lower secondary Maths and Science.

Yenka tools model concepts in Maths, Science and Computer Programming. There work especially well on interactive whiteboards and whole class displays.

Sumdog is a free maths game which is very interactive and engaging and would suit lower achieving KS3 students.

Absorb courseware is a free library of 1400 courses for Maths, Science and Electronics. These can be used on interactive whiteboards, intranets, VLES or as part of powerpoint presentations. They integrate particularly well with Moodle sites.

Hardware requirements, network

• Internet connection
• Specific requirements for each application are listed on the Crocodile Clips website.

This software can be networked.

ICT curriculum uses and referencing

• Maths, Science, Electronics, Programming, Simulations, Modelling.

Possible teaching activities and cross curricular use

• Expand your intranet or VLE with Science and Maths courses.
• Enliven IWB presentations for Maths and Science.
• Demonstrate concepts and models in Maths and Electronics.


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