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Curriculum Bits for Science


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Curriculum Bits covers the main aspects of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Secondary Learning with resources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website contains resources for teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which may be of use in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. These resources can be incorporated into current school planning and lessons easily as revision and consolidation. Some may provide helpful introductions to a topic.

Biology Section

The Biology resources contain activities that can be used during whole-class teaching on an interactive whiteboard. These include interactive diagrams, labelling activities and tables to be completed with specific information. The topics covered include the digestive system, disease and transmission, predators and prey, the reproductive system and nutrition.

Chemistry Section

Within the Chemistry section, there are resources to support teaching about elements and compounds, acids and alkalis and chemical reactions.

Physics Section

In the Physics section, the resources cover a series of topics including light, sound, fuel, energy and more.


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