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Death to Decimals


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Death to Decimals provides a game for children and helps them learn about converting fractions into decimal values.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Pupils working in Key Stage 3 will be expected to recognise the equivalence between fractions and decimals. They must learn to express a decimal using fraction notation and give a fraction in decimal notation. The equivalents need to be learned and recalled quickly. ‘Death to Decimals’ is a game that can be helpful in pupils practicing and developing their recall of equivalents.

How to Play

This online game displays a fraction and the decimal value must be found from a selection of ten decimals, which fall from the top of the screen. Pupils must shoot down the decimal that is equivalent to the fraction. The game has written instructions and video instructions can also be accessed.

Other Games

The website also has links to other online games that can be used to practice and develop different aspects of mathematics. These may have a lot of potential for use with pupils in Key Stage 3 who need to develop basic skills in the areas of number, telling the time, working with different number operations and handling data.


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