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DIDA contains 12 guides about using ICT and information sources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Curriculum ICT programme of study at Key Stage 4 highlights that pupils develop their understanding of how to use ICT to tackle questions, solve problems, create and share ideas. Pupils are expected to evaluate their use of ICT and use it responsibly.

Information on ICT

This website is an excellent source of information on the use of ICT and supports the ICT programme of study. It provides a guide on how to plan a project using ICT, taking a step-by-step approach. This is achieved through the presentation of key information, which gives pupils background and principles, and resources that can be accessed in order to move a project forward. It covers the stages of planning, reviewing and evaluating, ways of working and how to engage collaboratively. There are also sections that provide detailed guides for pupils in creating ePortfolios and the stages of development required in order to do so.

The website also offers a comprehensive guide on information sources, and teachers and pupils will find this an invaluable reference point.


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