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KS3, KS4

Great for history classes as you can create a timeline for any topic.

Create a free interactive multimedia timeline; Great on IWBs

Dipity is an online application which creates highly engaging and interactive digital timelines. Great for interactive whiteboards; these timelines can be used by teachers and pupils for History projects or to illustrate any aspect of teaching or learning involving a sequence of events – for example a teaching scheme of work, a revision timetable or a school calendar. Pictures, photos, charts, movies, sound clips, animations and internet links can be added to the timelines. The timelines can also be shared on the internet and embedded into documents and web-pages.

Hardware requirements, network

• Internet connection
• A VGA graphics card capable of high (16 bit) color and 1024x768 resolution (3D video card recommended)
• A sound card.

This is loud based.

ICT curriculum uses and referencing

• KS3 POS: 2.3 (a, b and c)
• KS4 POS: 2.3 (a, b and c)

Possible teaching activities and cross curricular use

• History - timelines.
• Interactive schemes of work and programmes of study.
• Course and revision timelines.
• Engaging school calendars.
• Key stage mapping for school websites.


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